Awnings, Canvas & Upholstery

Most RV vehicles have awnings, annexes, vinyl and upholstery of some sort. We need these for shade, privacy and comfort. Do you have enough shade and privacy?

Whether you have conventional roll-out awnings, electric awnings or the wind out models – does the mechanism work properly, is the canvas mouldy, smelly, old and need replacing? Often it is far cheaper to fit a new one.

How desperate did you feel when you discovered a rip in the gauze or canvas or when the red wine spilled and stained your gorgeous cushions? These things, unfortunately, do happen but it’s not the end of the world, our team at Caravan Repairs and Service can help you find an affordable way to either mend or replace these items.

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Some services we provide:

  • General maintenance & repairs
  • Custom upgrades & modifications
  • Awning repairs & replacements
  • Tonneau cover upgrades & replacements
  • Pop-top skirt repairs & replacements
  • Tent zipper and fly screen repairs & replacements