Caravan Damage

Accidental Damage

Our caravans and RVs are an investment in a chosen lifestyle. Unfortunately, we can get ourselves into different predicaments that may involve damage to our precious home away from home. Some of the most common causes of caravan damage include accidental damage and weather events. Recent data from one of the largest insurers of caravans in Australia, CIL Insurance, revealed that of 14,000 caravan claims reported 29 per cent related to storm, hail or flood, 24 per cent were the result of a collision with a stationary object and 10 per cent of claims were for accidental damage.

If you do run into trouble on the road or at home, alert your insurer and then phone Caravan Repairs and Service. Our team understands the desire to get back on the road and has you covered, from helping retrieve a damaged caravan to keeping you informed of the repairs.

How to protect your Caravan and RV

Accidents are often unavoidable, but there’s a lot you can do to protect your caravan and yourself from damage, especially when you’re off-road. For caravaners, the term “off-road” often means a road/track that doesn’t have a seal or concrete surface but doesn’t usually require driving in low range. You need to keep in mind there are very few caravans that are built to handle the increase in dust and road debris thrown up by your tow vehicle. Some additional underbody protection may be useful to prevent this damage to water tanks, plumbing and gas lines and electrical wiring which are normally not protected for “on-road” caravans. The surface condition of a road with potholes, ruts, rocks, corrugations and wash-aways can also cause caravan damage so care needs to be taken.

Reduced tyre pressures on your tow vehicle and caravan may help increase available traction, softens the ride and may also reduce the likelihood of punctures. Keep in mind that speed also should be reduced. This may help reduce vibration inside your caravan as well. Just don’t forget to reinflate your tyres once you are back on a sealed road.

Protection devices to stop abrasion from gravel and rocks can also be installed to try to prevent further caravan damage to paintwork. The choices include stone guards to protect the front of the caravan but watch out as stones can then reflect to the tow vehicle causing damage to rear windows. Often simple cardboard held on with tape can assist. Call the team at Caravan Repairs and Service to discuss what you may need.

Guarding against water

Water Ingress is a major problem causing a lot of caravan damage. There are numerous causes of leaks and include, seals not being maintained therefore causing a hatch, window or roof to leak; poorly fitted aftermarket accessories; or faulty plumbing i.e. leaking pipe in shower. Sometimes it is a very slow leak that is undetected so by the time you become aware of it, substantial damage has already occurred and the repairs can be costly. Sometime this isn’t covered by insurance if your insurer decides it was caused by a lack of maintenance.

Seals need to be checked and replaced regularly. Our team can advise you on how to maintain your seals and avoid water damage. When caravan damage occurs, the first thing to do is try to prevent any more significant damage occurring. A good example of this is hail or storm damage. A broken vent, AC or window may cause water ingress that can lead to further damage if not attended to straight away. A temporary fix is better than doing nothing, and it will help protect your caravan while you arrange the proper repairs with Caravan Repairs and Service.

Adequate insurance also helps lessen the blow of caravan damage. You can purchase cover to protect you against loss, theft, accidental damage and natural disasters.


We are here if you need us

Caravan Repairs and Service has carried out repairs for all the major insurance companies including CIL, Suncorp, AAMI, APIA, NRMA, RACQ, QBE, YOUI, CGU, Elders, GIO, Allianz, National Seniors, WFI, Ken Tame and Agririsk.

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