Caravan Maintenance Tips

Regular Maintenance Prevents Bigger Problems

Your home away from home needs year-round attention. It’s an investment in your chosen lifestyle and worthwhile protecting and maintaining. Regular maintenance prevents small problems from becoming expensive and dangerous ones and most of these tips should be carried out before, during and after a trip.  This will help extend its life and always be ready when the wandering mood strikes.

Check out some of our tips to get you started.

Wheels, brakes & jockey wheels

Check tyres for signs of perishing, cracks in sidewalls or unusual bulges; check rims for buckles and cracks; always check tyre pressure and tighten all wheel nuts.

Handbrake – ensure it engages and releases properly – look for rust or corrosion where the base plate fixes to the drawbar and check the condition of any cables.

Jockey Wheel – the handle and wheel should turn freely; check clamp/bolt for easy operation; and look for rust or stress fractures.

General Service – every 10,000 km or every 12 months, whichever comes first.


Rust and mould

Rust is usually caused by exposure to moisture and can be expensive to restore if not caught early. Following some simple maintenance tips will help:

  • Keep the exterior of your caravan clean – don’t let mud or dirt accumulate
  • Store your RV somewhere dry when not in use
  • Invest in a caravan cover, remembering to take it off after rain to dry out and prevent humidity
  • Touch up any chipped or peeling paintwork
  • Surface rust should be removed from metal surfaces

Mould can grow in any damp or wet spaces without adequate airflow. If left unchecked it can lead to serious health issues as well. There are steps you can take to help prevent mould proliferating in your van.

  • Wiping surfaces with disinfectant to remove bacteria
  • Cleaning and airing out the van regularly, especially when in storage
  • Checking regularly for leaks and maintain all seals and corner moulds
  • Cleaning up spills immediately and remove any wet material

If you do find mould or mildew it can be removed using natural products such as diluted white vinegar.

Gas, power and water

Regularly inspect the gas, electrics and water storage. Test all the appliances – fridge, cooker and heating system – to ensure there are no leaks and are working correctly. Check the electrics – make sure all lights, including all running lights are working and be sure to replace any broken bulbs. Check batteries are in good condition and fully charged. With water tanks, empty stale water and frequently flush system – nothing worse than stale water!

Towing weight

Try not to tow with full water tanks, unless you’re heading bush and won’t have the opportunity to fill up. If you’re stopping at RV parks, you can always top up when needed. It not only increases wear and tear on your vehicles but costs more to run. Check safety chains and shackles for cracks and rust and ensure they’re rated correctly.

Knowing your limits

For more serious problems, seek help from the professionals. The experienced and dedicated team at Caravan Repairs and Service can answer all your maintenance questions and work with you to find an affordable solution. You can trust them to keep you informed every step of the way and be confident they will treat your RV like it was their own.

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